by Francesco Strazzante

My Web Developer Services

I work with NodeJS using Javascript, I develop cross-platform mobile app prototypes with Axway Appcelerator and Google Flutter, I create dashboards for data analysis, data mining and simple CRUD operations (for the back-end using MySQL, PHP with the Laravel framework or using Javascript with the ExpressJS framework and for the front-end using Javascript with React, HTML, CSS, jQuery).


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The APIs (application program interface) are tools that create a communication between the database and the client (website or mobile app). One of the my most required services is the designing and developing of API to feed apps or websites. I develope them with ExpressJS or Laravel


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The dashboard is a management panel that can be used for data mining, reporting and simple CRUD (https://www.codecademy.com/articles/what-is-crud) operations. I interact with the client from the very beginning and I deliver client tailored software. Reports, charts, sorted and filtered tables and multi authentication are just some of the most requested functions.


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Wordpress is a fully custumisable platform which can be used to create blogs, e-commerce, portfolios and simple websites. My services range from the simple implementation of a theme to develop custom functions such as event management.


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