by Francesco Strazzante

Web Developer Freelance: I create dashboards, APIs and websites.

Hi everyone, I'm Francesco Strazzante and I work as web developer. I'm based in Bergamo (Italy), I love computer science, tech and I'm an enthusiast traveller.

My web developer career started with my Self-Hosted Wordpress blog, back in 2009 where I was used to publish tech posts. After some months I started to participate at LUGs and I developed my first website hosted on my Ubuntu server. In the meantime the mobile app market was exploding up so I started to get involved; my first cross-platform mobile app (for iOS and Android) was PizzUp.

Nowadays I'm a computer science engineering student and I work as a freelance web developer. I mantain several projects and I've been working in development teams. I'm mainly involved in back-end development).

What do I do?

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IMHO: to be a web developer means knowing how to analyse, design, develop clean and organized code, be well-documented and last but not least, make it work! If we add the freelance word, the person needs to know how to interact with the client, carefully understand the specs and suggest key modifications based on the acquired experience.

How do I do it?

I elaborated this expression:

solution = current situation + current problems + goals

This can be read as: the designing of a solution la progettazione di una soluzione is given by the detailed and factual knowledge:

  • of the current situation: how does the existing software behave?
  • of the reported problems: what is the error?
  • of the goals: what do you want to achieve?

This is why I have drawn up a detailed cost estimate for the solution designing process and and together with the client I accurately analyse those points.

According to these comments, I organise the development of the projects following the agile principles and more than the developing I include time reports and weekly presentations or videos of the completed tasks.

Interested to work with me? You can reach me by email! Just click this button.

Programming languages and tech

I create APIs with NodeJS in Javascript, I develop cross-mobile prototypes with Axway Appcelerator or Flutter, I create dashboards for the data analisys, presentation and editing in several programming languages (PHP with Codeigniter or Laravel or Javascript with Express.js for the back-end and React, HTML, CSS, Javascript for the front-end).

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